End of the School Year

We’ve been wrapping up school here with many activities and celebrations. Here are some pictures from the good times

Jacks writing celebration – reading the acrostic with his name

The bug show. Jack was a spider:

Backyard soccer

Super hero play date with Vivian Goldberg


Spring has arrived

Messy Anna hanging at her brothers game. Eating ice cream and playing in the dirt!baby chicks in jacks 1st grade class

Jacks 7th bday

Baseball buddies!

Anna and Jack are writing letters to each other. Adorable.

Translated to ‘Please be my friend forever. Please write. Love Anna’

Anna’s party

Anna had her 5th birthday party. It was a blast. We even had Sleeping Beauty come to our house. It was magicalAmazingnessAmazingWhat could be better then a Princess Party?? Santa coming by on a fire truck at the end.