Weel 2/13

The week of 2/13 was a full one. Jack continued to love daycare. He must have started feeling under the weather in the begining of the week because he was very cuddly



We had some nice meals


Played with some toys


And walked around Princeton


And ate some farm animals with no pants on


Good time all around





Week of 2/6


Hello from 421 Burd!!


Jack started his new daycare this week and couldn’t be happier. He didn’t seem to skip a beat and moved right in and into the hearts of his teachers who have been gushing about how wonderful he is…which all readers of this post surely already know.

Jack had his second to last swim class on Sunday but we seem to never bring the camera to the pool (because we are swimming and its hard to take photos while swimming). Next week is the last week so we will try to remember. Saturday night we went over to a friend’s house and Jack was very well behaved. The other parents kept commenting on how quiet he was and really it was just because their kids scream (in joy or anger) a lot.

Sunday Jack had friend’s b-day party which was loads of fun. When we got back Jack wanted to get in some quality time with the colored rings.

“seriously mom, more pictures…its been 10 months. I think you have enough.”


But Brian disturbed Jack’s mojo, so Jack had to body-slam him.

“You mess with the bull you get the horns…”


“I’m just kidding. I love you”


“But if you ever mess with my rings again, I’ll do this…:



“…and this to you…”


“Ok, can I have a snuggle now??”


After the tough love that Jack showed him, Brian went to go play his drums. Jack was so interested in the noise coming from the basement he went and sat by the steps. Then he just had to join in…


“I am not sure I remember how this one goes…





That’s all from NJ. Hope everyone is well.