Two weeks ago we went to Jacks friend, Max’s first birthday party. It was a grand affair and even Barney made an appearance. Jack was not so sure about this giant thing and his behind my leg for much of the performance. That said I did catch him dancing a couple times.


He sleeps


Bri and I have been trying to capture some of the strange ways Mr. Jack sleeps. Here is a little taste of what we see on a given night.

Week of 3/5/12

We enjoyed some beautiful weather this week. Spring is coming and we can’t wait to get outside more. Jack’s daycare spends lots of time outside and he gets to go on both buggy rides and play on their infant playground whenever the weather is appropriate.


Saturday morning Jack got some really good play time in. He is so great at playing by himself as well as with us.


Then Jack helped UNfold the laundry


Saturday was a mellow day. Lots of hanging around the house, playing, eating, and chores. In the afternoon Jack and I headed off to the playground by our house. This is the first time this year we have ventured over and now that he is bigger its going to be a great place for us this summer.

Jack went on his first solo swing ride. I don’t think he was sure what to think at first.


Keep it cool…

Then he seemed to get more into it…


How amusing…

And then he thought it was hilarious when I would push him…


I’m flying…


We checked out some of the other things the playground had to offer but we were approaching nap time so we had skeedaddle


My trusty steed take me to sleepy land


Saturday night we all went out to some Mexican. Jack made LOTS of friends at the restaurant and wanted to talk to everyone (and they wanted to talk to him too).


Oh great cheerio, how I love you!


Today we have a date to go for a walk with some Penninton friends. I have a feeling we will end up at the playground again..



Week of 2/20 & 2/27


 The other weekend we went to the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia. It was lots of fun and they even had some areas for Jack and his age group to play. He loved these carts and got to practice his walking skills


He also practiced look like Claire’s baby doll:


Jack went on his first carousel ride with Brian


Look how hard he is concentrating


“I hope they know I’m only used to side saddle”

Well after our adventure to Please Touch, the next week Jack got sick. He was teething, his tummy was bothering him, and he had an ear infection. All this led to Jack waking up a lot at 4 or 5am.

Jack liked to use this time to read his books…


“I can never remember how this one ends…”


…and generally look cute



By the end of this week Jack seemed to be feeling better. Maybe it was his new shoes: