Jack rocks out

Today Brian enjoyed some time playing his drums. Usually when he does this Jack wants to join but stays content upstairs if he has his own drum to play. Today Jack traded in the drum for some dancing shoes.


Fun with Grandma and Grandpa


As you guys know Bob and Kerstin came for Jack’s big birthday week. We all had a great time. We went to the sculpture garden, had a picnic, and played. Here are some pics



While Brian was in CA Jack and I went to a farm and met some animals. It was a good time and do close to our house.

Then we came back and played in the yard. It was so nice out Jack helped me put the cushions on the outdoor chairs.


Two weeks ago Brian was in CA. Jack and I sent him some videos so he felt some love from home. I think this one’s extra cute…especially when he gets so excited when he realizes its him on the screen.

No clothes


Or sometimes you just don’t wear clothes at all… Or at least no pants. It’s the only way to drink champagne, right??
(this will definitely haunt Jack for the rest of his life…. Rehearsal dinner, graduation, etc.)



We are very lucky because Jack’s family loves to give us clothes. Aunt Emily has provided lots of hand-me- downs and Jack is just starting to be big enough to wear them!

This whole outfit came from Connor Rauch. Very stylin’



Two weeks ago we went to Jacks friend, Max’s first birthday party. It was a grand affair and even Barney made an appearance. Jack was not so sure about this giant thing and his behind my leg for much of the performance. That said I did catch him dancing a couple times.