Smarty pants


“3.14 … I can never remember what comes next”


Pool, naming, and NYC


Another great weekend for the Bailey family. I had Friday off from work so Jack and I met some friends and went to the pool. Jack loved the water and splashing around. Saturday we went to a baby naming which is what some Jewish families do for baby girls to welcome them into the community. It was lovely and moving to see this family’s community come around the little girl. The rabbi had been with the family for a long time and It was moving to see them welcome another generation. Jack was all dressed up for the occasion and was quite a hit. Unfortunately we didn’t take any photos 😦 That night we ventured into the city as a family to have dinner with some Colby friends.

Sunday we hung around the house, ran errands, and went to a BBQ. It was a great summer weekend.

Here are some silly pics we did take. Jack seems to be taking after Brian (and Bob) and now loves to play with the calculator.

Big weekend


We had a big weekend this past weekend. We had a BBQ on Saturday and had lots of our and Jack’s friends over. Then Sunday we went to Philadelphia for Fathers Day to just walk around. We all had a great time but by the end mr. Jack was exhausted.
Hope you all had a good weekend!

Weekend photos


Saturday Jack and I hung out while Brian rested from his trip. Jack had some quality time with the laundry. Then when Brian got up we all walked to the swing set and played. (do you see the similarity between Brian and Jacks outfits?)