Baby baby baby…doll


I am not moving very fast in updating this page. At this pace we will only be up to Halloween when the baby comes.

A couple weeks ago we got Jack a baby doll so he can start practicing being gentle and sweet to the baby. Jack seems to really like the baby. He likes to change its diaper, feed it, he takes it into the bath, and puts it to bed.
Sometimes the baby watches football too.


Getting ready for #2

We have been prepping for Baby Bailey #2. Jack has been very interested in whats going on in the room next to his. We gave Jack a babydoll about a month ago and she sleeps in the baby’s room now and we practice giving her a bottle and putting her to bed. Its very sweet. Unfortunately Jack also likes to have the baby downstairs, pull out all the baking sheets, take the baby’s clothes off, and put her on the baking sheet which is sort of disturbing.

Here are some pictures of the room and us getting it ready. As you can see we still have some work to do.



We are back!


 We are back. After some sort of technical problems it seems that the blog is working again! Yahoo. Just in time for #2 to arrive. We have much to catch up on until then. I am not going to try to recap the past 4 months in their entirety but I am going to include a couple big things.

This post will be about our great trip to Kiawah for my mom (Lala’s) big 60th birthday! We had a great time. The weather was perfect and the resort was empty since it was late Sept and most people were back to school. During this time Jack was on a 5 week stretch of waking up before 6am. So that wasn’t ideal but otherwise he was excellent and loved the ocean and beach.


Here are a couple pics from our time