Homeward Bound

We made it home! I’ll post some pics from Vermont latter but her are some pics from the drive.

We saw some diggers at lunch and had to visit them


Baby Anna learned a lot on VT – how to wave, eat with our fingers, and this unacceptable new skill of standing



Early August Fun

We’ve had some rainy days here last week. Anna loved sitting next to the screen door and listening to the rain fall.


It was circus week at school this week and when I picked Jack up early on Friday to go to VT he looked like this


It’s our second day in VT and we are having a blast. We got to see Molly Currie and her daughter Lila yesterday but I forgot to take a pic of the kids together!!

Here is the first cousin photo of 2013


After this we visited the horses but only Jack got in the photo while Anna waited patiently