Fall 2015

I have been slacking on posting so I want to capture some of the great and funny things that have happened. My Nana always tells me to write these things down..so I am because I do everything my Nana says 🙂

Favorite things the kids are saying these days:

-sidewards (instead of sideways)

-candults (instead of adults)

-Anna still thinks boys have ‘peanuts’

Fun things we’ve been doing:

-Disco bath: lights off with disco music and even a mirrored ball effect I found for my iPhone. Kids love it and are growing a appreciation for disco

-Mommy and Jack workouts. Jack has always loved to wake up early and it’s good inspiration to workout. So now any 5am wake up is a workout session. 

-And of course an awesome Halloween. Saturday Halloween is tough when your little. We crashed early       

Jack during an early morning yoga session



Sibling love

Anna hilding Daddy’s hand so he isn’t scared during his flu shot

And a beautiful Fall hike when the light was perfect 






Thanksgiving 2015

Happy Thanksgiving to all. We had a great night at Emily and David’s.