Playground tourĀ 

We hit up another playground in Gothenburg. It had a huge slide and great features and toys. The Swedes take their playgrounds very seriously. 


From Lund to Gothenburg

We traveled from Lund to Gothenburg seeing sights along the way. The countryside is beautiful and lush. 

We had to make silly road trip faces because what else are you going to do. 

We made a tour of our trip, first stopping at Brian’s cousins Karin’s house. It is great old farm house they renovated. We had coffee and cookies, of course, and played with the dogs. 

The next stop was at Stina and Lars’s summer cottage

There lots of good places to play

More on the rest of the drive tomorrow…signing off with a couple more pics 

Sweden – LundĀ 

We arrived in Lund and stayed 2 nights. It’s a beautiful old university town. We had  family time hanging out with cousins and Stina and Lars were wonderful hosts. 

Stina and Anna making bread

Anna looking rested after sleeping 12.5 hours

Not really sure why these are here and shortly after this picture we got in trouble for riding the geese

Cathedral in Lund

Giant trying to shake down the church and Ann playing Ring Around the Rosie with him

Sights from walking around 

Beautiful roses


Cardamon roll

We’ve been touring the playgrounds and parks of Sweden and they are very impressive. 

Sweden – Travel

We set off on our great adventure today. We took trains, planes, and more trains to get to Copenhagen and finally Lund. Not so many great photos but this is what traveling with small kids looks like 

On the train from Copenhagen to Lund

Traveling is hard

They have pillows and blankets and earphones on this plane!

Not even 10 mins in we are digging into the special entertainment we brought