King Arthur Day

Anna told me she had Monday off for King Arthur day. Jack was a bit closer with King Martin day. 


Hi, I am Anna and I’m 4. 

Anna is full of spunk. She is passionate about what she wears and eats (or doesn’t eat). She currently skips everywhere and loves to make obstacle courses and practice ballet. 

Her fashion choices are on flek (which is what the kids these days say for ‘cool’). Here we have purple and pink flower tights, rainbow boots, sequenced bug skirt, pink dress, topped with a kitty cat sweatshirt. (And a fat lip from a sledding accident this weekend)

Early morning ninja session

Jack and Anna are ninjas this morning with a pet mouse named Cheddar. Jack is a pterodactyl ninja and Anna is a soccer ninja. 

Jack: I need to do some research

Anna: I am going to ninja school. 
May they always have such wonderful creative minds.