Thanksgiving Eve

Quick post to capture some of the cuteness I️ am thankful for…

Anna loves to dress herself. What you can’t see along with the My Little Pony shirt, stripes on her leggings and bunny socks, is a green corduroy skirt with a plaid design on it.

These goobers have been fighting like crazy recently. This was after a 5 minute of separation in their rooms. Absences makes the heart grow fonder…

So cool. Jack, helping us stay hip.


Soccer Fashion

Doesn’t everyone wear sequence, skirts, kitty cat tights and a pink shirts to soccer?

Early Morning Math

5:45 – Jack enters whispering “Dad, what’s 20 x 20”

Brian: 400

Jack: Thanks

Returns to his room

6:00 – Jack returns whispering “Dad, what’s 100 x 100”.

Brian: 10,000

Jack: Oh my!

Returns to his room

6:15 – Jack returns again asking “What’s 30 x 30?”

Brian: 900

Leaves to play LEGO’s for the rest of the morning