Hi, I am Anna and I’m 4. 

Anna is full of spunk. She is passionate about what she wears and eats (or doesn’t eat). She currently skips everywhere and loves to make obstacle courses and practice ballet. 

Her fashion choices are on flek (which is what the kids these days say for ‘cool’). Here we have purple and pink flower tights, rainbow boots, sequenced bug skirt, pink dress, topped with a kitty cat sweatshirt. (And a fat lip from a sledding accident this weekend)

Early morning ninja session

Jack and Anna are ninjas this morning with a pet mouse named Cheddar. Jack is a pterodactyl ninja and Anna is a soccer ninja. 

Jack: I need to do some research

Anna: I am going to ninja school. 
May they always have such wonderful creative minds. 

Funny stuff

Nana always tells me write down the funny stuff so you don’t forget it and this blog has served that purpose well for me. I find it easier to capture thoughts here then anywhere else. 
So tonight Anna told me a joke as we laid in bed:

Anna: what did the chicken say to the potato? 

Me: what?

Anna: you crack me up!
Ohh 3 (almost 4) yr old humor…

Random pics…I will post about Anna’s bday party soon (when I have recovered :))


These monkies were sitting on the steps in time out and then when there time was up insisted they needed a picture taken 

The same two are now running around the house playing ‘get the bad guys and then go to a birthday party’. 

Adorableness needed after a long week.