Early Morning Math

5:45 – Jack enters whispering “Dad, what’s 20 x 20”

Brian: 400

Jack: Thanks

Returns to his room

6:00 – Jack returns whispering “Dad, what’s 100 x 100”.

Brian: 10,000

Jack: Oh my!

Returns to his room

6:15 – Jack returns again asking “What’s 30 x 30?”

Brian: 900

Leaves to play LEGO’s for the rest of the morning



Anna and her joyful fashion sense. I hope she always dresses with so much fun and interest.

Love Whispers

My phone is been broken so it’s been hard to post but tonight putting in a bed she whispered three things in my ear that I needed to capture

  • Mama I love you as much as butterflies and babies
  • Mama I love you as much as everyone in the whole world loves each other
  • Mama I love my family this much too


Big Week

Jack had a science fair and did great job explaining how different height ramps affect the the speed of the car. 

Anna showed us her classroom and all the good work she is doing at Come See My School Night.